Cash for Cars New Jersey
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Cash For Cars New Jersey

WhipFlip - Jan 23,2023

Are you looking to sell your car for cash in New Jersey? Depending on the current condition of your vehicle you may have several options to choose from. Each car buying company has their “appetite” of vehicles they purchase; some companies choose to buy luxury cars, some buy antique cars, some buy the daily-use vehicles, and others buy the junk cars. Whichever vehicle you have, the buyer will pay on the spot to take your vehicle off your hands.

The term “cash for cars” generally implies that you have a vehicle that you’d like to sell for scraps. This could mean that your vehicle no longer runs on its own, it’s an old model car that has virtually no demand, or that the car was involved in a bad accident and cannot be salvaged. If this is your case and you’re looking to get a quick payout and have someone else do what they will with it, then a simple search for “cash for cars new jersey” should suffice. This car dealer buys all vehicle makes and models, regardless of the year, model, mileage, or condition.

If, however, your car is in good condition, is still in demand, and drives well, cash for cars shouldn’t be your primary option as they will likely offer you much less than the car is worth. Assuming your vehicle isn’t a scrap car, you’ll get more money by either selling it directly to a private buyer, selling it to a dealership, or going through an online buyer.

Places to sell your car for the most money

The automotive buying sector has recently changed as they work to satisfy the expectations of car sellers who value time and money. There are three different types of car buyers to be aware of if you need to sell a car quickly. These are the individual private parties, dealerships, and online vehicle dealers. You should weigh the benefits and downsides when determining where to sell a car to make more money with less effort and time.

Selling to a private party can potentially yield you the most for your car, but you’ll also have to be prepared to invest the most time as well. In addition, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll sell your car for your target price. This is especially true if your car has issues that arise during an inspection.

Selling your vehicle to a dealership has a much higher chance of success, especially if you’re trading it in for another vehicle they have on their lot. Since they take care of the legal paperwork and the transfer of ownership, expect to receive a lower price for your vehicle. Not only that, but dealerships aren’t in the business of collecting used cars. They’ll need to sell that vehicle for a profit to another end user. As such, you’ll only receive a wholesale price for your car, which is usually several thousand dollars below retail price.

If the owner has more time but less money, selling privately will allow you to recoup more of your investment. The dealer you decided to sell your used car to was the most convenient option. The best chance is you'll use the sale as a down payment when trading in a vehicle.

The quickest way to sell a used car is online and often you’ll get more than a dealership is willing to offer. Online buyers such as Whipflip have created a hybrid model where they’re still able to offer convenience while also offering more than dealerships. While some online buyers may have their “sweet spot” vehicle characteristics, others are open to buying cars of any make, model, price point, mileage, etc. They’ll even take care of the paperwork, make an instant payment, and pick up the vehicle from your home.

How to surrender your plates

There are two ways for anyone with New Jersey license plates to surrender their plates:

  • Visiting a NJ DMV office and surrendering your plates in person. If you will not be purchasing a replacement vehicle then you’ll need to give the plates back, however, if you do have a replacement car then you’ll need to ask them to transfer the plates to the new vehicle. Out-of-state license plates are not at all accepted at MVC. No Inspections Stations accept the submission of license plates. A receipt proving the return of the leaves is mailed to the owner.
  • Plates can also be sent to:
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Trenton,
    P.O. Box 129,
    Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0129.

After turning in the license plate through the mail, you’ll need to include a stamped, separately addressed envelope to obtain the receipt.

Is cash for cars a legitimate site?

It can take time to determine which company that promises to buy your car for cash is legitimate. You’ll need to do a little bit of research on the company to get comfortable with them and you’ll have to do some due diligence to determine if the company has the reputation of taking care of their customers the way you want to be taken care of. Other companies that take on the “cash for cars” mantra are legitimately run and have been in business for years. Expecting an experience such as you’d get from Nordstrom is high unlikely and you’ll probably come out very disappointed, but if your goal is to get the vehicle off your hands at any cost, you’ll get that accomplished.

Does CarMax pay cash?

Very few places, if any, will exchange cash for your vehicle. Instead, they will pay with a check or an electronic payment. When you decide to sell your car to CarMax, they’ll offer you the same options which are just about as good as cash, but safer for everyone in the transaction. If they utilize an electronic form of payment, you’ll usually see the transaction pending in your bank account before you leave their lot.

How can Whipflip solve your car selling challenges?

WhipFlip has made the car selling experience easier and more streamlined. Now you can sell your vehicle without ever leaving your home, and you’ll still get a solid sales price! Simply enter some basic information about your vehicle, including the year, make, model, condition, and mileage of your vehicle and Whipflip will provide an instant purchase price. If you’d like to move forward with the sale, you’ll be asked to upload some pictures and videos of the vehicle using our app. Once uploaded to your account, our algorithm will confirm our price and you’ll receive a firm sales price. We’ll coordinate with you when and where to pick up the vehicle, we’ll take care of the paperwork, and submit payment before leaving your property. We make it extremely easy and convenient to sell your vehicle!